My 2020 Goals!

Okay, so I seriously can’t believe that 2020 is coming! I mean, just a few more days and it’s like…we’re in future. It’s pretty dope and I just hope next year, everything will go as planned or prayed.

There are just so many things that I want to do. So many things that I want to achieve. I just feel like I need to make my name next year no matter what because I’m done hiding in the shadows. I’m done trying to be this shy, introvert girl who only blogs and vlogs and writes deep, meaningful and sometimes painful poetry that’s also garnished with a little sarcasm and angst.

Well, I don’t know if I should tell you my goals or not, I might keep some of them a secret, but I might share most of it with you all. So, let’s see what my goals for 2020 are!

  1. Become an Entrepreneur: I seriously have no idea how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to do it. If you guys have any ideas or recommendations, please do give me a push in the back!
  2. Be consistent on making Youtube Videos.
  3. Write more stories/poems.
  4. Publish a Poetry Book.
  5. Become a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr.
  6. Be more mindful of myself.
  7. Read more books.
  8. Memorize more Surahs from the Quran.
  9. Go to Hajj.
  10. Travel to different places.
  11. Enjoy life.
  12. Try different dishes.
  13. Journal everyday: I always tend to write one or two days and then I don’t even look at my journal for the next 3-6 months…I seriously need to stop doing that.
  14. Keep my health in check.
  15. Be a good sister, daughter, cousin and friend to my friends and family.
  16. Try to write more blogs and gain more subscribers.
  17. Become someone’s role model.
  18. Start a Podcast.

So, here are some of my goals that I want to achieve this year. I don’t know if I will or if I won’t but I promise that I will try because nothing will happen if we don’t build the first block. Besides, Rome or say, any other country wasn’t built in one day, right? It took them years and we can’t expect our lives to go as planned too but we can at least take the first baby step and try to extend our hand to pick up the flag that has our face on it, walk to the top of the hill and place it right where it belongs.

I pray that this year, all my dreams and wishes will come true and I pray that everyone who is struggling will find peace and harmony too.

Let me know what your goals of 2020 are in the comments below! I can’t wait to know what you guys are planning. Perhaps, you can snatch some of my goals and I can snatch some of yours.

Until then,

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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